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Welcome to the Company Store

Welcome to your Pamlab Company Store.  You will find merchandise on this site for both you and your family. 

The items provide you with yet another way to express pride in our company. 

Please enjoy wearing and using them.

If there is something you are interested in that you do not find on our site, please let us know. 


Click on the item you wish to view to open the details.

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Zippo bottle closed

Duffle bag

Fleece Blanket $15

Stainless Steel Thermos $12

Duffle Bag $7

Magnetic frame 2

Travel pack folded

umbrella open

Magnetic Picture Frame $10

Foldable Travel Pack $5

Large Golf Umbrella $25

Business Card Holder 2


Pocket Tool $3

Leather Business Card Holder $10

Coffee Mug $7

green and stone


Hats  $5

Tote Bag $1

Sport Duffle $5

Pamlab Cups

Tape Measure $2

Stack it Mugs 2 for $5

Ruler/Calculator $2

Pamlab Trunk Protector

Sticky Note Calculator $5

Trunk Protector $5

Stainless Steel Tumbler $5

Black Pamlab Portfolio

USB Flash Drive 4GB $10

Leeds Writing Pad Holder $10

Low Rider Mug $5

Pocket Knife $3

Special Order Shirts of any Style

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